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Remote education

During the current period of national lockdown only vulnerable children and the children of critical workers are able to attend school. 

Parents and carers who are critical workers should keep their children at home if they can.

We have implemented our remote education strategy to ensure that all children are able to keep learning.


Google Classroom

We use Google Classroom to provide remote education. 

Each week, we provide a weekly timetable which helps children and parents to structure and sequence their learning.

At 5pm each evening, the next day's key learning is published. We encourage all children to complete these activities.

We also provide additional learning. This is optional extra work.

On Fridays, we have “Happy Friday”. Teachers plan “happy” activities we hope the children will enjoy. Children are also able to catch-up on or revisit any previous learning as well as having a chance to respond to any feedback the teacher has provided during the week.

Throughout the school day teachers and other school staff are available on Google Classroom to answer questions or help with any problems. Staff provide feedback through videos, photos and in written form. This feedback is added to a “feedback” Material which the children are able to refer back to at any time.

We use Google Meet for live ‘check-ins'. These take place three times per week for each class. During these sessions the children can discuss learning and progress and our teachers can plan for next steps. These sessions also support the social development and wellbeing of the children by providing them with opportunities to connect with each other.


More information

Below are some useful remote education documents including our policy, Google Classroom handbook and information about how to join Google Classroom.