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Local governing body

Anthem delegates certain responsibilities to a local governing body (LGB) through an agreed scheme of delegation.

The purpose of the LGB is to support Anthem in implementing its mission of advancing education for the public benefit by providing outstanding, sustainable education solutions that transform learning in schools and to be a link to the school community whilst providing challenge and support at a local level.

The LGB’s delegated responsibilities are sub divided into three core functions:

  • strategic improvement
  • support and challenge
  • communication and collaboration

Contact governors by emailing Mrs J Kenneally, Clerk to Governors: 

View our annual reports and accounts here

The information regarding the structure and remit of the Members, Board of Trustees, its committees and LGBs is in the Anthem Governance Framework. A description and diagram of our governance model and information about the Members and Trustees can be found on the Anthem website. The Register of our Local Governing Body for 2020-21 can also be accessed under this link.

Details of the members of our local governing body are available to view in the documents below.