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Year 6

Virtual School

Please click the image to access the year 6 Virtual School




Welcome to year 6

In year 6 the children are taught by a team of excellent teachers including Mr Wilson, Mr Scrupps, Mrs Ward, Mrs Braybrook, Miss McKue and Miss Verdegaal (pictured below).

The children are taught for the majority of the time in three groups which allows for smaller numbers of children in each group. This enables us to provide extra support for the children’s learning in their final, important year of primary school.

Find out what’s been happening in year 6 in our gallery.


The year 6 team



Year 6 reading lists

Below are links to two external websites that provide suggested book titles for children in year 6 to read:

Books for Topics: 50 must-reads for year 6

The School Reading List – year 


Curriculum provision

View details of what the children are learning about by downloading our curriculum letters. Please click the relevant below.